Interent of Things World Webinar Series Digital Summit

Digital Summit | March 28, 2019

This Digital Summit is a day of learning, and a preview of some of the amazing things you will see at IoT World. Hosted by the amazing editors of IoT World Today,, we will dig into two of the hottest topics in today’s IoT Market – IIoT/Industry 4.0 and Developers/Interoperability.

IoT Developers: Overcoming Barriers to IoT Interoperability

IoT Developer Panel | Noon EDT / 9am PDT

77% of professionals believe that interoperability is the largest challenge facing the industrial internet. In the search for a solution, the industry has turned to IoT’s developers for the answer.

Our IoT developer webinar with Kimberley Clavin and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association will discuss the state of IoT development across various industries and how the best have encountered, tackled and overcome interoperability issues and other common barriers to IoT development success.

Our speakers will also cover the role manufacturers must play in strengthening the cybersecurity of their IoT products, giving examples of industry best practices and recent results.

Steve Griffith

Steve Griffith, Industry Director, PMP, NEMA
Steve Griffith is the principle staff liaison for NEMA’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity activities, leading and defining common approaches to standardization, guidelines, and architecture development while enabling connectivity, defining and simplifying interoperability, and safeguarding privacy and cybersecurity in electrotechnical and medical imaging products.

Kimberly Clavin

Kimberly Clavin, VP of Engineering, LOOP by Pillar Technology, a part of Accenture's Industry X.0
Kimberly Clavin's focus is creating human experiences that bring together people, places and products. Using her education in Mechanical Engineering and her previous experience in the corporate and education sector, she develops strategy for applications of embedded solutions.

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Industrial IoT in Action: From Implementation to ROI

Industrial Panel, sponsored by Software AG | 2pm EDT / 11am PDT

Recent year’s have seen Industry 4.0 emerge as one of IoT’s most profitable areas for many businesses.

Join this IoT World Today webinar with SoftwareAG and Harbor Research for a definitive review of today’s Industrial IoT market, what to expect over the next 12 months and the companies you should be watching for great examples of industrial innovation.

Attendees will also benefit from a first-hand account of industrial IoT implementation and how to achieve ROI and overcome common challenges preventing digital transportation in the industrial space.

Alex Glaser

Alex Glaser, Vice President, Harbor Research
Alex Glaser is the Vice President of Harbor Research and an expert in smart systems thinking and design. He is responsible for leading the firm’s operations, market and business development strategy. Also also helps lead Harbor’s Smart Systems Lab program – a real world laboratory where organizations can design, prototype, and test new models for delivering smart systems and services value.

Jonathan Weiss

Jonathan Weiss, Director, Solution Architecture - IoT & Analytics, Software AG
Jonathan Weiss is an innovation and technology thought leader with an extensive experience in technical leadership, solution architecture and software engineering. He has proven skills in digital transformation, IoT/IIoT and manufacturing and supply chain software solutions. His subject matter expertise, along with excellent presentation, leadership and organizational skills has led him to attain a fantastic record of delivering solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. Throughout the years, Jonathan has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, including: P&G, GE, Pfizer, PepsiCo, Intel, HPE, Foxconn and many others seeking to undergo digital transformations.

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