Industrial IoT and Healthcare IoT Digital Symposium

Drive your strategy forward and stay on the Healthcare and Industrial IoT pulse with key insights from top industry leaders and decision makers.

It’s no secret that IoT continues to play a pivotal role in both the Healthcare and Industrial worlds advancing at impressive speeds. As both sectors quickly move to adopt new processes and technologies, we’re bringing together some of the key people leading these innovations and changes. Join us as we examine case studies, lessons learned and discuss what to expect from these exciting spaces!

In this Digital Symposium we will be addressing key topics including:
Day 1, 14th of June - Healthcare

  • Patient care, personalization, and delivery through new technologies
  • Utilizing smart and connected devices to improve practices
  • Mitigating security risks and managing data: The risks and rewards of data sharing
Day 2, 15th June - Industrial IoT
  • Best Practices for Industry 4.0 – scaling, monetizing, and improving your business model
  • Smart Asset Management and Monitoring in the Factory
  • Emerging Technologies for Industrial IoT including Edge and AI
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